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After more than 2 years, Fonebug is still rolling
Friday, February 27, 2015
It's been a while since I posted any updates on Fonebug. That's because there hasn't been any. No glitches to fix, and it seems like the site is running smooth!

I think I've added all that I can to this site, so if anyone has any suggestions for new features, please let me know. I'm always glad to hear about new ideas.

~Corey Kingsbury

Added: Invoicing, Income, Projects
Friday, July 19, 2013
There have been several recent updates to Fonebug. Power users have noticed the new features and are using them with ease. The three most important recent additions to Fonebug come in the form of Invoices, Income and Projects.

The Invoice feature does exactly what you would expect – create invoices. After you enter the billing information, you then add the individual items to the invoice. Fonebug calculates the totals for you and can even calculates taxes on an item-by-item basis. Once the invoice us finished, you can print it or even select to send the invoice via e-mail. You can easily keep track of who you are billing to by assigning invoice numbers to each individual record. This brings me to the next update – Income.

Since we are sending out invoices, it would be nice if we had some way to keep track of our income. Right? Well the new Income feature does just that. When you receive income, you can enter all the details of that transaction and even apply the income to an invoice you have on record. Your list of invoices will reflect the ones that are not paid in full by displaying that record in red.

The last update I'd like to introduce is Projects, which was suggested by a user, and I think really ties all of Fonebug together. Using Projects allows you to link separate records within Fonebug to one another. I can best explain this with an example. Let's say I am going to build a garden. I go to Projects and create the entry "Garden". Now, I can select the "Garden" project when I create entries in Expenses for buying fertilizer, seeds, etc. I can open Notes, create a record of the layout of my garden, and save it to the "Garden" project. Later on, I might even get good enough at gardening to sell some of my vegetables. I can create an Income record and save it to the "Garden" project. The handy thing is that I can go to the Projects page, scroll through the list of projects, click on "Garden" and all entries associated with it will show up. This is just a simple example. The Projects feature has vast possibilities, on both a personal and professional level.

Coming Up
In the coming weeks and months, I'm looking to build an Inventory system. This will allow you to create your own roster of items for sale. You can keep track of your purchase price, what you are selling it for, the quantity you have in stock, etc. Then I hope to have these items available to select and apply to Invoices you create to simplify the invoice process. That's it for now! If anyone has any suggestions, I'm always willing to hear how the site can be improved. Use the contact page and let me know what you think. Cheers!

Expense Reports, Custom Home Menu, Pick Your Own Color Scheme
Friday, May 10, 2013
Generate Expense Reports
I've been working on a feature that will create useful reports for your Expenses. You will notice there is a "Create Expense Report" button in the filter menu. When you click this button, you can filter the report to target data from year-to-year or month-to-month. You can also generate a report based on payment type. These reports will come in handy when filing both business and personal taxes.

Custom Home Menu
There are now even more options to customize your account! Let's start with the home menu. You can now select the tools you want to appear on your home menu. If you use certain tools more often than others, you can choose to remove those from your home menu. These will still show up under your drop-down menu, but will not appear on your home menu. To customize your home menu, open your account settings page and scroll down to "Home Menu". From here, you can check off the tools you want to appear. If you ever decide you want to add a hidden item back to your home menu, you can simply return to your account settings and check it off again.

Pick Your Own Color Scheme
Another new option still under development is the "Custom Skin" for your account. This feature allows you to select a color scheme to add a more personal touch to your account. I have created a couple of these skins you can choose from, and will be adding a larger selection to the list in the near future. To select a new skin, open your account settings and scroll down to "Custom Skin". Pick the option you like and your color scheme will change.

Customize Your Navigation Menu
Wednesday, April 03, 2013
I've been hard at work on the navigation menu for Fonebug. You can now customize the top area of your browser to hold buttons for the pages you use most often.

If you go to the My Account page, you will see a new section titled "Navigation Menu Items". Under this section are all of the buttons for accessing pages within Fonebug.

By checking off individual buttons, you will select which of these appear inside your navigation menu. You will still be able to access all pages through the drop-down menu. You can customize these items at any time.

Added: Phone Log & To Do List
Monday, December 10, 2012
Phone Log
Some Fonebug users have requested a telephone log, in which they may save information from telephone calls with clients. This new module will draw names from your "Clients" module and populate a list of names based on those you have entered into the "Clients" system. You may record the date and time of a call and whether it was an incoming or outgoing call, or if the client left a message for you.

You may also save other details about the call – the purpose of the call, whether any actions are required, when the task must be completed, and if you need to follow-up with this caller. You may also attach files and write notes for each record you save. As with most Fonebug modules, you are allowed to share records with your Hive and may select to allow Hive comments on your entry.

Much Ado about To Do
Some Fonebug users have requested a simple "To Do List". Ask and ye shall receive! In hopes of eliminating any confusion that may arise in differentiating the old "List" and the new "To Do List", there have been some changes. The old "List" has been changed to now read "Supplies" and the graphic has been replaced with a shopping cart. The To Do list will allow you to name your task, enter a projected completion date, and add some notes.

I hope you find these new additions/edits useful. As always, if you have any suggestions for functions to add to Fonebug to make it more useful site, please use the Contact Fonebug form located on the website. Thank you for your all your suggestions and continued use of Fonebug!

Sort and Save Your Messages Now, with Mailbox Folders!
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
You now have the ability to create folders and save your Fonebug Mail to these individual folders. Go to you Mailbox. You will see now see options to "Show Folder" and "Create New Folder."

When you select "Show Folder" your mailbox will sort and display only the mail that you have saved in this folder.

Click "Create New Folder". From here, enter the name of the folder you want to create and save the folder. Now, when you want to save a mailbox message to this particular folder, you can simply select the folder from the drop down menu and move it there.

There is still more to evolution to unfold for the Fonebug Mailbox. As always, please let me know if you experience errors with the changes and feel free to send me suggestions on how Fonebug may be improved.

Snippet Saver, Account Details, The Hive, and more
Monday, November 12, 2012
There have been many notable updates and advancements since the last news post. Let me dive right in and tell you about them.

Snippet Saver
I have added the snippet saver, which allows you to save a bit of text, and then return to it and quickly copy the text by simply clicking on the text area. This little widget is something I have been using on a private page I built for myself a while back. I primarily use it to store little bits of code that I find myself needed over and over. But there are several different uses for the snippet saver other than this.

Account Details
You may now add details about yourself on the My Account page. Adding these details will help others locate you better when they are searching for you in Fonebug. Uploading a photo of yourself is a good idea too!

The Hive
A lot of you have already been using the Hive like crazy! The Hive is probably the coolest update to Fonebug yet. Check this out… Up until now, all of the content, photos and notes you saved in Fonebug were kept private. With the Hive, you now have the option to share any of your content/posts with friends or business associates. And you can also select the option to allow them to add their comments.

To get people in your Hive, you can search for friends already using Fonebug or e-mail invitations. When someone accepts your Fonebug invitation, they are added to your "Hive". Then you can share posts and other content with them, and easily send Fonebug mail. You can select to share content with all of the people in your Hive or select individuals who you want to share with. If you are not interested in having others find you and you want to keep your Fonebug account secret, you may select the option in your account to not be Hive searchable.

Résumé Builder
Have you ever been in this situation…
You have the perfect job opportunity and you have to send your résumé quickly. Only, shucks! Where is it? Is it updated? What if you want to remove certain pieces to custom tailor it for a particular job? Sound familiar?

I am presently finalizing a module that will allow you to build and store your résumé in your Fonebug account. This is a handy and easy-to-use page that lets you enter information about yourself. You can also store your job history in individual chunks, to be edited, disable, enabled to fit the job you are applying for. When you are finished with your résumé you can chose to "publish" it and make it viewable and searchable by the public. The Résumé Builder will also let you create a PDF document to download or to e-mail directly from Fonebug if you chose.

Mileage Tracker Updates
Monday, September 10, 2012
I've been working on updating the mileage tracker with some of the features that users have asked for.

Added Copy Previous Miles
A check box to copy your previous ending mileage into the starting mileage field for a new entry. When you check off the box, Fonebug will go into your last mileage entry, retrieve the ending miles of that trip and plug those miles in as the starting miles for your new entry.

Added Select Purpose
Some users suggested that there be a list added to record the purpose of your trip. Now, you may select Business, Charity, Medical or Personal as the reason for your trip.

Added Filtering
Some filtering items, similar to those you find on the Expenses list, have been added to the Mileage Tracker. You may now filter the display of your mileage to show you the totals based on the year, month and purpose of the trip.

Invites, Messaging and Texting
Thursday, August 23, 2012
There are many interesting developments unfolding here at Fonebug headquarters! Read below to learn more about new features and pending updates.

Invite personages of esteemed significance...
Many of you have already noticed the new "Invite" feature that went online earlier this week. For those Fonebuggers who have NOT noticed this feature... Firstly, WAKE UP! Second, yeah... you may now invite friends, family and other personages of esteemed significance to this wonderful web application.

You should know, that presently users are not allowed to simply signup. They must be invited to join. It is possible that the general public may be allowed to sign up in the future. But for now, we're letting our loyal users enjoy the exclusivity.

Is that a letter for me?
We've long been working on a messaging system that lets you message other Fonebug users. This system is now in place and running smoothly. You can click on Mailbox from your home page or drop down menu. On the page, you will be able to search for Fonebug users, compose a message and send it all within the Fonebug platform.

Now, this is not anything different or better (yet) than ordinary e-mail. It is, however, useful to send a quick message to another user without having to log into an external e-mail account.
Coming up for this feature: Attaching files photos, etc.

Get notifications by text message
We sure love our gadgets don't we? One of the most convenient devices we have today is obviously our smart phone. Fonebug is already accessible by smart phone. But now you can set your account to let you know when you have Fonebug notifications by sending you a text message.

There are several cell phone providers out there. So we're working on getting all the paths to the major companies. If you would like to test out this feature, log in to your account. From the home page, select "My Account" and navigate to the "Edit Text Message Settings" panel. Enter your cell phone information, save the information and then click "Test". A message will be delivered to your phone.

Some companies have a couple different paths... so if one particular does not work with your cell number and provider, scroll to the next path for your company on the list.

That's all for now! Thanks for your interest in Fonebug. As always, if you have a question or suggestion on how to improve the site, contact us at any time

Archive Update
Monday, August 13, 2012
The archive is coming together piece-by-piece!

The Archive Page is currently able to gather and store all of your records for the following tables: Expenses, Ideas, Journal and Notes.

Photos and other files that are associated with each entry are grouped by table and saved into a folder. All of these files are then saved as a zip folder.

The zip folder also contains html files that list ALL of the content you have stored at Fonebug up to the time you create your archive.

These archive files are not stored on our server. Rather, they are created on the fly.... (pun intended?) This way, you may download an archive file whenever you wish.

Coming up --- working on getting the Contacts page into the archive system.

Thursday, August 09, 2012
Created upload a headshot to display with your account.

There really is no relevance for this option yet, other than to see your own smiling face (or other image) when you open the My Account Page.

There will be uses for this in the future....


Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Archive page is slowly in the works. This page will allow users to download ALL files and entries they have saved at Fonebug. The archive will be created as an HTML page and you will be able to open the page and see all of your entries. Thank you for your patience while this service is being completed.

Mileage Tracker
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Added a mileage tracker so you can record the mileage you travel for business or just to keep track.

User Account Updates
Thursday, July 05, 2012
Updated user account to allow for changing passwords, username, e-mail.

In the works...
Friday, June 15, 2012
A choice to publish journal entries, etc. to friends that also have a Fonebug account.

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